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List of things people tend to miss out during moving


  • Before you move in, check the insurance letters, evaluate the risks and, if you are going to ask them to bring your artwork and pieces of cut glass, ask if you can raise the insurance amount.
  • The transport is not responsible for jewelry, watches, coin collections or stamps, explains the adviser, those things you must transport them.
  • Tip is optional and depends on service, but you better have it planned.
  • If you have children, send them during the move with a family member or friend.
  • For many children seeing their furniture go is traumatic. You better get to the new house with everything installed. It also helps them assimilate change more easily.
  • Every moving service has a manager or operator. As soon as they get to your house, they ask who you are. It will be this person you seek with questions or complaints.
  • The consultant who visited your house will not be on the move but if he is responsible, will contact you in the morning to see how the process goes. If you can not communicate with him, there will be no chance to remedy mistakes, such as sending more people on time or another transport unit.
  • Clean before packing. You get rid of things you no longer need and spend less on packaging.
  • Before change you do not forget you also need time to cancel or change your services and notices domiciled.
  • The services must change or cancel are: electricity, telephone, cable TV, the bank with your bank accounts, credit cards and bank loans, your mailman, in the office, Social Security, ISSSTE and / or Afore, company Insurance, magazine subscriptions and newspapers.