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Making your moving comfortable and relevant parties to notify of change of address after moving


An unavoidable task that must be done before the move is the notification of the change of address to the different services.

• Provide your new address to friends and family and the date on which you will already be installed.
• Notifies the change of address to banks and shops where you have accounts to send correspondence to the new place.
• Update all your official documents: IFE, license, etc..
• Insurance Company – In case you have a home insurance, it will be necessary to make a new policy, according to the new house and its location. Just as life insurance, automobile, and so on .
• Cancels hiring utilities (electricity, water, gas, telephone) – We must cancel the services of the current address and contract the new housing. If deposits existed for contract services, we require repayment.
• Medical Services – In case of changing of city, it is advisable to ask for references to the doctor and dentist, to transfer additionally, the prescriptions for medicines, optical and others. You also need to obtain medical records and birth certificates.
• Making sure the new house is able for comfortable use – Performing preventive maintenance of pipes, electrical installations and others.
• At home, carefully clean up the refrigerator and will be sure not to transport foods that are not able. The same we do with the kitchen and conditioners air – extractors and others.
• Carpets and clothes should be clean before packing.
• After the loading of the goods, it is advisable to make a tour of the house, to ensure that We did not leave anything forgotten.