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Things to do before moving into your new home


  1. Consider enabling the new house with light bulbs, in the eventual case that the discharge of the move took place in a schedule in which natural light is not available.
  2. Resolve previously the distribution of your furniture in the new house.
    Consider in the case of some high furniture, the height of floor to sky of your new home
  3. Consider, in the case of furniture of larger dimensions, the accesses through which these furniture must pass (door lintels, interior turns, stairwells, etc.). Remember that there are always alternative means that your mover uses to try to solve these problems. Ask us any technical questions about your move.
  4. Remember to decide ahead of time about the use you will give your current curtains, rails and lamps in the destination house of the move.
  5. If you plan to repair or upholster furniture, evaluate the possibility of sending it to your repair prior to the move, in order to agree with the person who executes this work, to have it arrive directly at the destination address of the move.
  6. If you have installed floating or ceramic floor in the destination residence of the move, consult with your contractor about the time necessary to be able to use it after the work is finished.