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Here is how to ensure that you don’t miss out any valuables during moving


Never send valuables such as jewelry, art objects, insurance policies, legal documents, etc., in the move, take them yourself.

If you have valuable furniture or objects, photograph them before moving. In this way, if you suffer any damage during the same you will have evidence to file a complaint and make valid the guarantee.

Ask for support from family or friends to oversee the move. It is advisable that one person is aware of the exit of the furniture, another of the load in the truck and one more that coordinates the reception in the new residence. In this way, all will watch that goods not suffer losses.

During discharge indicates moving personnel where to put things. Some companies offer a complete service that includes unpacking and assembling the furniture again, this work is commonly included in the contract budget.

Do not remove the protective sheaths until the furniture is placed in its proper place. So, if you want to move a couple of things, you’ll charge them more easily and avoid that mistreat.

Please note some costs involved in the move. On that day you will not have food or cooking utensils available, so consider the expense of food at home or in a restaurant. Also consider an extraordinary expense of gasoline, since it is likely you will have to return once or twice to the previous house. In some cases, spotlights may be missing in some rooms or require replacement. Include this expense in your budget.